About Us

We are building new type of social network for people who want clutter free, serious and intimate experiences with interesting people, build communities & networking.

How big is the market opportunity

There are 3 factors at play here:

  1. India’s internet penetration -

    With an population of 130+ crore, there are ~116 crore smartphone users. Access to cheap internet on 4G/5G has made it possible for people in remote villages to access modern day apps and services seamlessly.

  2. No existing player with majority market share -

    Ensuring quality and consistency of content on a live chat platform is challenging. We believe number of app downloads does not count towards success metrics. The retention rate, engagement rate, average revenue per user and lifetime value per user are our north star metics.

  3. The Team -

    The team that we have assembled at SubNub is the same team that was instrumental in building and growing internet/app startups like Swiggy.com & Udaan.com, JLStream.com. Most of the talent has spent a significant amount of time solving consumer problems in a variety of industries namely hyperlocal, b2b, social network. We believe that given the experience and our learning we are best placed to go and create a brilliant user experience for our users.

How's our team doing so far?

Since we started in March 2021, we've gone from nothing to 1000's of people on the SubNub network and raised seed funding. Help us take SubNub to next level.

Our Values

Open Positions

We're currently looking for people who can start within the next several months in any of the following roles:

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